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I'm a mid-fourties traveling Yellow Page sales consultant. When the opporunity presents certain termanology can arouse the situation. Due to the fact that most small businesses are owned by men that are usually to busy to deal with the "Yellow Page Guy", 70% of the time I "deal" with the wife.

John was a sixty something owner of several self-storage
complexes and an absolute asshole to try get ahold of or deal with every year.The last several years we had met at his home, a mansion in the community he lived in. His wife Christy and I had talked on the phone several times, while trying to get ahold on John, but only breifly met once. She was 34 year old goddess with a body that would make any grow man weep. Twice in the past she had been out at the pool behind the house entertaining other ladies of wealth while I in the library with the asshole looking out the window. I was always careful not to stare, but just a glance at that bikini clad body of hers could keep me smiling until next year.

If a Yellow Page Guy does his job right, his goal is to get the customer in first position with full color in the book. Size matters! The full pages go first in the heading then three-quarter pages ect. Various Headings can benifit most any busines such as RV Storage, Moving supplies, ect in Johns case. He would hear none of it. A quarter page as always but let's spend two hours changing the verbage and packing it so full of irrellivant bullshit that nobody can read it.

Last summer when I finally reach John on the phone he told me he was in the middle if constructing 1200 new units and would not have time to meet. I offered to fax the contract for renewal, I needed a signature. He to just swing by the house, Christy was home and she could sign it. Just as I had visioned on the way she was by the pool sleeping when I arrived, and alone!

Careful not to startle her I stopped about ten feet away
and said her name a few times until she awoke. She sat up rather suddening and her untied bikini top fell down exposing the most delicious set of tits known to mankind.

At 6'5" 225lbs I can be a scary figure even in a suit and tie. She did recognise me after a few second and quickly pulled her top back up. Damn! I could tell she noticed the bulge in me pants right away and was a little embarrassed.

I quickly pulled out my pen and contract and explained that all I need was a renewal signature. She said I'm not signing anything until I read it and my glasses are in the house. We made our way into the kitchen and through my slober I was trying to explain what a benefit a larger ad would be to getting the new 1200 unit full sooner. Yes size matters, position is very important and being diversified in a phone book is just as important as being willing to try new things in bed. There, I said it all, and she got it. She giggled a little then said she needed to make a phone call. I thought she was going to call John and my ass was in deep shit! She called her sister, Joan which lived next door and asked to come over.

When Joan arrived Christy asked me to explain again how this phone book thing worked. Rather embarrased I repeated it word for word. Joan reach over and grabbed my dick through my pants. Christy came from behind and started un buttoning my shirt and asked if 

I could prove that size really matters. The next two and a half hours I left planet earth. I licked and fucked every hole on both of the sisters until we were all exausted.
She signed the contract all right, for a full page with multipul additional headings, coupons and a white page display ad. $850 a month increase over last year.

Never again will I offer to fax a contract. I now ask, would your wife be available for a signature?

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