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"I can't wait anymore," he groaned. "I have to fuck you." My legs were already in the air as I felt the hot, hard length of his achingly rigid tool slide against the wet folds of my pussy. He rubbed the head against my clit and I felt another spasm deep inside me as he groaned, "Now!" and slammed the length of his cock into my greedy pussy. He began to move immediately. His hips pumped against me over and over again as he drove his cock in and out of my slit. I could feel every ridge of his tool as my pussy squeezed it on each thrust. I couldn't believe it but I was immediately moving toward another orgasm!

"You are so tight," he moaned. I smiled and one leg dropped down to rest on his hip. I used it for leverage and pulled him harder against me. The wet sounds of our sex filled the night air and the scent of it filled the space around us. We were both beginning to sweat in spite of the cooler temperature. On and on he went, driving his cock into me, turning a little this way and that so it stabbed into me from different angles, each one more pleasurable than the last. His hand dropped between us and he rubbed his fingertips across my clit. My pussy clamped down and I felt another orgasm rip through me. My body trembled and I felt him grow rigid.

"I'm cumming," he groaned. His hands gripped my hips hard as he pushed his against me. I felt his cock jerk and then the warmth of his hot cum spilling into me. He pulled back a little and thrust again and I felt more of it against the walls of my pussy. It was the most fantastic thing I had felt in a long, long time! When he pulled back the next time, I felt our combined cum running down over his balls and over my ass. I couldn't believe how good I felt and couldn't stop smiling. His face was tight and his head was thrown back as he let out a long groan and thrust into me one more time. His cock continued to jump inside me as his balls emptied out. I could feel my pussy squeezing him, milking it for every drop.

Finally he looked at me and bent down to kiss one of my breasts. I felt his cock slip out of me and then I heard him begin to laugh. He straightened up and looked down at me and I started laughing too. It was a laugh of pure delight over the entire experience.

He pulled on my arms so I was sitting up and kissed the end of my nose. "By the way," he said, "my name's Steve."


I'm a mid-fourties traveling Yellow Page sales consultant. When the opporunity presents certain termanology can arouse the situation. Due to the fact that most small businesses are owned by men that are usually to busy to deal with the "Yellow Page Guy", 70% of the time I "deal" with the wife.

John was a sixty something owner of several self-storage
complexes and an absolute asshole to try get ahold of or deal with every year.The last several years we had met at his home, a mansion in the community he lived in. His wife Christy and I had talked on the phone several times, while trying to get ahold on John, but only breifly met once. She was 34 year old goddess with a body that would make any grow man weep. Twice in the past she had been out at the pool behind the house entertaining other ladies of wealth while I in the library with the asshole looking out the window. I was always careful not to stare, but just a glance at that bikini clad body of hers could keep me smiling until next year.

If a Yellow Page Guy does his job right, his goal is to get the customer in first position with full color in the book. Size matters! The full pages go first in the heading then three-quarter pages ect. Various Headings can benifit most any busines such as RV Storage, Moving supplies, ect in Johns case. He would hear none of it. A quarter page as always but let's spend two hours changing the verbage and packing it so full of irrellivant bullshit that nobody can read it.

Last summer when I finally reach John on the phone he told me he was in the middle if constructing 1200 new units and would not have time to meet. I offered to fax the contract for renewal, I needed a signature. He to just swing by the house, Christy was home and she could sign it. Just as I had visioned on the way she was by the pool sleeping when I arrived, and alone!

Careful not to startle her I stopped about ten feet away
and said her name a few times until she awoke. She sat up rather suddening and her untied bikini top fell down exposing the most delicious set of tits known to mankind.

At 6'5" 225lbs I can be a scary figure even in a suit and tie. She did recognise me after a few second and quickly pulled her top back up. Damn! I could tell she noticed the bulge in me pants right away and was a little embarrassed.

I quickly pulled out my pen and contract and explained that all I need was a renewal signature. She said I'm not signing anything until I read it and my glasses are in the house. We made our way into the kitchen and through my slober I was trying to explain what a benefit a larger ad would be to getting the new 1200 unit full sooner. Yes size matters, position is very important and being diversified in a phone book is just as important as being willing to try new things in bed. There, I said it all, and she got it. She giggled a little then said she needed to make a phone call. I thought she was going to call John and my ass was in deep shit! She called her sister, Joan which lived next door and asked to come over.

When Joan arrived Christy asked me to explain again how this phone book thing worked. Rather embarrased I repeated it word for word. Joan reach over and grabbed my dick through my pants. Christy came from behind and started un buttoning my shirt and asked if 

I could prove that size really matters. The next two and a half hours I left planet earth. I licked and fucked every hole on both of the sisters until we were all exausted.
She signed the contract all right, for a full page with multipul additional headings, coupons and a white page display ad. $850 a month increase over last year.

Never again will I offer to fax a contract. I now ask, would your wife be available for a signature?


It was 3 O'clock in the morning when i was woken up by my boyfriend Alex kissing my neck 'whats this for?' i asked slightly breathless, my pussy already hot, i loved it when he kissed my neck. 'I woke up, couldn't sleep and...' he kissed me again and i felt his erection press againt me, unhindered by clothing 'I'm hard' he said.

He pulled my nightgown over my head so that i was naked just like him. he began to kiss downmy body, sucking at nipples taking them deep into his mouth, then carrying on down, he reached my pulls and licked my lips he parted them with his fingers and found my wetness. he slid a finger inside me while he licked and sucked on my clit. 'oh god, don't stop' i moaned. it didnt take him long to make me come.

He came back up and kissed me forcing his tongue into my mouth so that i could taste myself. 'Can i fuck you now?' he asked. without even answering him i kissed him pasionately and pulled him close to me, i felt his rock hard penis enter me. he let out a shuddering moan that turned me on so much, he pushed himself softly in and out of my pussy making love to me gently. he soon shot his load in me making me come with him as i felt his hot liquid flow up inside of me. he collapsed on the bed next to me. 'that was nice' i told him 'im just gonna go freshen up'

i went into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face to cool myself down. when i came out he was waiting at the door. he pulled me out of the bathroom and pushed me against the wall, he forced himself inside me while we were standing up we had never done it like this before it felt so good, 'oh my god, Amy you're so fucking sexy' he whispered while nibbling my ear. he pounded me hard, my pussy was sore but i liked the pain it made it so much better he lifted me up and i wrapped my legs around his waist, we slammed against the wall fucking hard and fast. 'oh i'm cumming, im fucking cumming' 

Alex yelled and he slammed my pussy he shot a load of cum in me and we collapsed on the floor bearly able to breath. he slid his fingers in my pussy and made me cum, then we both fell asleep neaked on the floor.

Orgia gostosa

Oi amigos (a)

 meu nome é Linda e como ja disse no outro conto tenho um corpo q chama atenção se vcs quiserem ler meu outro conto ele se chama "Meu primeiro amor,meu primeiro homem" Bom vamos ao conto... Eu e Marcos estavamos namorando e depois que me entreguei pra ele não paramos mais de transar e cada transa uma melhor do que a outra... 

Adoravamos sair junto mais Marcos era muito ciumento eu não podia conversar direito com ninguem que ele ja ficava bravo...E eu como adorava provocar ele ai que conversava mesmo principalmente com amigos dele.. 

Um dia um amigo de Marcos combinou de sair com a gente eu me arrumei toda,na hora de sair Marcos falou que não queria ir pq eu tava com um vestido muito curto.. eu falei que não iria tirar pq eu amava akele vestido..Ai ele falou vc ta querendo me deixar doido neh vc sabe q tenho ciuems de vc com Renato (amigo dele) eu falei eu não vou fazer nada amor.. 

Mais bem que eu queria o Renato é do tipo fortão,louro,olhos verdes,com uma boca carnuda,alto e lindo e frequenta a mesma academia que Marcos Ai eu falei Amor Renato é um gato que tal amor eu vc e ele.. Nuss na hora ele quase me matou..rsrs eu falei: brincadeira amor ..só faço isso se vc quiser.ai eu vi q a calça dele tava com volume ele estava deitado esperando eu terminar de me maquiar eu me joguei em cima dele e falei bem q vc gostou neh..Ele falou: vc ta mesmo afim de fazer algo diferente eu falei siim muitoo..

Ele falou então ta bom vamos ver a reação dele.. Fomos a um barzinho chegando la Renato ja estava eu com um micro vestido logo vi que Renato me olhou todinha quase me devorando com os olhos.. Bom chegamos Marcos o comprimentou com um tapinha no ombro e pegou na mão dele..eu falei ué não vai levantar pra me da um abraço?? Ele falou:Logico com licença Marcos.. 

Marcos falou só não abusa..e sorriu.kk Eu dei um abraço nele e falei no ouvido dele nuss vc ta uma deliçia hj.. Ele falou vc tbm.. Sentamos bebemos um pouco quando vi q ele ja estava com o rostinho vermelhinho por causa da bebida e ele é branquinho então logo percebi-se ... Eu falei vou ao banheiro levantei e abaixei um pouco pra dar um beijinho no Marcos e falei no ouvido dele: Olha se ele ficar me encarando muito vc chama ele pra gente ir pra um lugar mais reservadoo..

Ele me deu um abraço que levantou um pouco meu vestido e eu estava com o bumbum virado pro Renato..Ai sai fui ao banheiro e rebolei bastante ..Na hora não vi mais Marcos me falou que Renato deu um suspiro e falou pra ele vc é um homem de sorte.. Marcos perguntou pq? Renato respondeu pq sua namorada é um tesão de mulher.. Marcos logo perguntou vc gostaria de fuder ela? Renato olhou pra Marcos e falou olha sou seu amigo mais se eu tivesse uma oportunidade não perderia... Marcos falou então vamos hj eu,vc e ela o que vc acha? Renato perguntou ela topa...?? Marcos falou Logico... 

Quando voltei Marcos falou: Amor vamos a um lugar mais sussegado ? Eu falei por mi tudo bem e por vc Renato? Renato falou por mi tbm..Tranquilo Saimos do barzinho ..entrei no carro na frente com Marcos dirigindo e o Renato atras Ai eu falei no ouvido do Marcos olhando pro Renato vamos começar a brincar aki amor?? 

Marcos na hora falou vamos .. Eu estava com um vestidinho tomara que caia..começei a abaxar um pouquinho mostrando ao Renato meu biquinho do meu seio q ja estava durinho.. Ele perguntou: posso pegar?? eu falei: ainda não.

E fiquei passando o dedo na boca dele e passando no meu seios,Marcos passando a mão na minha bucetinha que ja estava pegando fogo e toda meladinha.. Pronto chegamos a um Motel escolhemos uma suite bem grande com uma cama enorme ..logo q cheguei começei a beijar Marcos e tirar sua roupa deixei ele só de cueca e fui Começei a beijar Renato ele ja estava pirando ..deixei ele só de cueca e logo vi o volume na sua cueca.. 

Nossa muito grande igual a do Marcos..adorei . Deitei na cama e logo veio Marcos de um lado e Renato do outro..começaram a tirar meu vestido .. eu fiquei de joelho em cima da cama e Os dois começaram a chupar meios seios e Eu falei Renato tira a minha calcinha..Ele tirou e ficou admirado com minha bucetinha toda raspadinha..e molhadinha..começou a dar beijinhus nela e como fazia muito bem..começou a me chupar..eu gemia muito...ai que deliçia..

Marcos tirou akele cacete groso e colocou na minha boca e falou agora chupa sua piranha.. Nuss aquelas palavras me deixava louca e ele sabia muito bem disso,Comecei a mamar akele pau grosso gostoso.dava umas mordidinhas e Marcos pirava ..ai Marcos desceu e falou pro Reanato agora é minha vez ele começou a me chupar e eu fui Chupar akela tora do Renato o pau dele era lindo toda rosinha nuss..

Chupei muitoo o pau dele e ele me puxava pra entrar qkele cacete tudo..eu ficava sem ar..ai Renato falou fica de quatro vai deliçia.. Eu fiquei e Renato logo veio por tras de mim e começou a colocar bem devagar na minha bucetinha.. Eu dei um gemido alto...E Marcos colocou seu pau na minha boca novamente e falou Hoje vc vai me dar seu cuzinho e Renato vai provar tbm.. Eu logo fiquei muito excitada e com medo..

Ai que delicia Amor ..falei com gemidos e Renato falava nuss como vc é gostosa.. Depois renato veio puxou meu cabelo e falou chupa meu pau e sente o gostinho da sua buceta..Marcos deitou me puxou e falou vem aki em cima de mim agora e rebola no meu pau vem.. Eu sentei naquele cacete duro e rebolei enquanto Renato mamava meus seios..Beijava minha boca..Eu falei...:Ai que deliçia vou gozar...

Marcos me jogou na cama e subiu em cima de mim colocou seu pau na minha boca e Renato começou a botar com muita força na minha bucetinha..NUss eu gemia..Ai ai ai vai bota forte..vai e Renato metia eu gozei ..e Renato continuou não demorou muito gzou tbm..Mais Marcos falou fica de quatro que quero gozar no seu cuzinho... Fquei ali de quatro ..e Marcos começou a botar o pau no meu cuzinho e eu sentia dor e um tesão muito grande uma mistura...ai q deliçia MArcos metia com força e dava tapinhas na minha bunda..me apertou colocando seu cacete todo dentro de mim eu senti akele jato de porra quente ..ele tinha gozado .

.ai veio o Renato sentou me pegou com força me colocou no seu colo e eu sentei nakela pica linda, gostosa e maior q de Marcos poir doeu muito quando entrou..dei um grito e ele apertava meus seios..Marcos beijava minha bca e me perguntava ta gostando amor? eu falava: sim vai Renato bota com força no meu cuzinho vai ai que deliçia mete no meu cu ...aiiii gozei mais uma vez ..e Renato tirou seu pau do meu cuzinho .. 

Falou comigo senta pra tomar leitinho vai piranha.. Eu totalmente louca de tesão sentei ai Marcos e Renato começaram bater uma punheta e os dois gozaram na minha boca..eu tomei o leitinho tudinho...Marcos foi logo preparar a banheira,,Renato deitou me deu um beijo dellicioso que boca macia..e falou no meu ouvido ja sonehi te comendo mais a realidade foi ainda melhor... 

Marcos chegou me deu um tapinha e falou vamos tomar uma banho?? Renato falou galera tenho que ir embora.. Eu falei já fica ai a gente tem muito o q te mostrar ainda..ele falou não posso minha namorada ta me mandando mensagem.. Eu falei a então ta bom...Até a proxima... 

Ele foi e Marcos e eu ficamos namorando e recordando cad segundo.. Foi quando ele teve a brilhante ideia ..AMor quem sabe um dia a gente não chama a namorada do Renato.. Eu falei se ela topar por mim tudo bem..eu adoraria transar com um mulher tbm... Ele me abraçou me deu um beijão e falou que a gente ia se diveritr muito ainda... Galera espero que gostem..

beijinhos bem molhados em vcs..e até os proximos contos..bye 

Não aguento

São 6:50 da manhã, do dia 01/10/2011, acabei de me levantar da minha caminha macia e quente ainda meio sonolenta, porém, disposta pro que der e vier, e se vier alguma trepada gostosa até o final do dia melhor ainda,kkkkkkkk... 

Não, gente, é sério, acho que tenho algum problema, pois, não tem um dia que eu não pense em rola. 

Aliás, estou com as pontas dos meus dedinhos ainda com o cheirinho da minha xoxotinha sempre quentinha, afinal, minutos atrás quando eu ainda estava deitadinha na cama e despertando de algum sonho erótico, claro, eles estavam atoladinhos lá dentro, acariciando meus ralos pentelhos e a portinha da entrada do meu parquinho de diversão, até que estes mesmos dedinhos, de tanto massagearem meu grelinho gostosinho acabaram me proporcionando um gostoso gozo...Aaaaaaahhhhrrr... 

Não tem forma melhor de despertar, pensei até em continuar deitadinha com os dedinhos atoladinhos na minha xoxotinha, mas, hoje tenho que ir cedo pra facu fazer um trabalho sobre gestão finaceira, talvéz tal assunto chato sirva pra ocupar minha cabecinha de menina vadia, que só pensa em rola, rola, rola... 

Mas, acho que de nada vai adiantar, pois, estou acostumada a sempre passar pelas mesmas situações quando saio de casa, desde quando passo pelo portão de minha casa até chegar ao ponto de ônibus, tudo é sempre igual, aliás, se não fosse eu sentiria falta, pois, sempre tem um vizinho que espera eu passar pra espiar minha bunda, e nessa hora só de pensar que ele está me imaginando de quatro enquanto come meu cu eu fico excitada. 

Sem falar nos vigias e seguranças de condomínios e prédios pelo trajeto que não perdem a oportunidade de também olhar pro meu rabo e desejar comê-lo. No ponto de ônibus sempre tem aquele grupinho de estudantes adolescentes tarados, que ficam de olhos grudados em mim enquanto tiram fotos com seus celulares, pensando que não estou notando, tudo pra quando chegarem em suas casas baterem uma punheta em minha homenagem, já dentro do ônibus, em meio a lotação fico de pé, e quando não tem um me olhando a viagem inteira, tem aquele mais atrevido que puxa conversa na tentativa de rolar um encontro depois, agora, nada se compara quando sinto passarem por trás de mim, nossa!! 

é cada enconhada que recebo na bundinha que chego a tremer o ânus de tão gostosa a sensação, ainda bem que sempre uso óculos escuros, pois, nestas horas eu fecho os olhos e imagino a rola de quem passa entrando no meu cu, principalmente se o carinha que passa por trás de mim faz meu tipo.

 Na facu só me excito mesmo é com as conversas das vadias das minhas amigas, pois, em relação aos carinhas a disposição... Nossa, é um pior que o outro, ou melhor um é a cópia do outro, um monte de playboyzinho metido a comedor, e que na real não são de nada, e muito menos sabem fazer um fêmea gozar. Depois das aulas vamos pro bar, aí sim aparece uns caras que dão vontade de foder, pois, a maioria é casado e que tá a fim de uma aventura fora da rotina normal, porém, existem também uns raros solteiros bons de foda, que igual a mim não estão a fim de compromisso sério, só foder e pronto, daí é só escolher um, dar o bote e levar pro estacionamento, rua reservada ou motelzinho básico pra dar aquela trepada com força. 

Puta que pariu!!! Não tem nada mais gostoso que trepar gostoso e voltar pra casa satisfeita, com a bocetinha e o cuzinho ainda latejando das roladas. Mas, enfim, acredito que boa parte disso aconteça hoje até o fim do dia, por enquanto eu estou aqui, frente ao computador, ora os dedos teclando, ora enfiados na minha xoxotinha sempre gulosa, as vezes também tiro os peitos pra fora da blusa e começo a apertá-los, massageando os mamilos, deixando-os durinhos e estufados, beliscando-os e lambendo-os com a pontinha da minha língua, tudo pra tentar suprir a solidão momentânea que me faz querer uma rola urgente, e de preferencia bem grande e grossa, pra me arrombar de vez, pois, essa estória de que tamanho não é documento não tem vez comigo, gosto sim é de uma rolona bem exagerada, a maior que eu vi até hoje foi a de uma colega de classe Angolano que até já retornou pra terra dele, nossa aquilo é que era pica, meu amigo.

 Mas, na boa, uma de 12 cm já tava bom demais, afinal eu mesma sei fazer verdadeiras mágicas com qualquer uma. Aaaaaahhhhhrrr... Porra!!! tô quase...Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrr.......... 

Nossa, gente, esse negócio de escrever putaria, pensar em rola e tocar uma, tudo ao mesmo tempo dá nisso, gozei legal, aqui sentadinnha frente ao computador, tô muito ofegante, com o coração a mil por hora e com o teclado todo melado, visto que meus dedinhos estão lambuzados de meu melzinho vaginal, essa foi mais uma gozada que dou só nessa manhã, e sem a ajuda de uma rola, apesar de estar pensando nela. 

Bom, tenho que tomar um bainho bem gotosinho, tomar meu café e ir pegar o busão pra facu. E, claro, na esperança de que até o final do dia eu tenha uma bela rola durinha latejando de tesão toda socadinha na minha xoxotinha carente. Fui!! 


Olá amigos olha eu novamente srsr Morei em Mácapá uma região maravilhosa as mulheres lindas e calhente quando cheguei morei numas vila e de frente a minha casa morava a Claudia uma mulher de um corpo maravilhoso embora tivesse 3 filhos pequenos era uma maravilha ver ela passar com toda a sua gostosura !!

 Bom vou falar um pouco dela Claudia era cabelereira e vivia sozinha com os filhos um corpo lindo bem trabalhado ma malhação pernas fortes , barriguinha de tanquinho , seios lindos cabelos cumpridos , cheirosa .

 Um dia estava em casa olhando pra fora e como a casa dela tinha a parte de cima via a minha bela vizinha peladinha e com isso saie e fiquei na porta aproveitando tudo aqui , ela ainda ñ estava me vendo mais quando viu saiu e se escondeu . Como ela era sozinha comecei a observa-la e ela começou a gostar , enquento ela fica pela eu mostrava minha pika pra ela e chamanva ela pra vim em casa pois na maioria das vezes estava sozinho ! 

Ela sempre relutava mais um belo dia ela apareceu com uma chapinha nas mãos perguntando se eu podia ver pra ela pois a mesma não estava esquentando , eu prontamente falei pra ela entrar que ia pegar as ferramentas pra ver o que tinha acontecido . Começamos a converssar e falei que ela é linda que tinha um corpo lindo que era muito gostosa ! Ela me repreendeu falando que eu ñ sabia se ela era gostosa pq ñ tinha ficado com ela ainda ! 

Ai falei que estava doido pra ficar ! ela me falou a hora que vc quizer ai fechei a porta de casa levei ela pro quarto e pra minha supreza ela estava de saia quando levantei a saia dela depois de muitos beijos na boca ela estava sem calcinha srsrs chamei ela de safada pois ela queria que eu concerta-se tbm a sua bucetinha rsrs ela sorriu e sem pensar em nada coloquei ela deitada e chupei ela como nunca tinha chupado alguém antes , lambia do Cu pra Buceta e ela gemia muito , muito , muito passava a lingua dentro da bucetinha dela e ela se torcia toda me chamando de gostoso . Ela pediu pra ver minha pika e chupou com maestria , parecia que nasceu pra chupar PIKA ñ gozei mais queria muito comer aquela gostosa . 

Quando alinhei minha pika na entrada da bucetinha cheirosa , ela gemeu gostoso , e falou que queria muito meus carinhos , que sonhava com meu corpo sobre o dela e que hoje estava realizando um SONHO que era ter meu pau dentro dela . Foi o máximo gozamos juntos e ficamos ali converssando que eu tbm estava adorando tudo aquilo !!!! quando minha pika subiu novamente coloquei ela de 4 e comie o cuzinho dela , batia na bunda da Claudinha ela rebolava como louca e bombei muito depois deste dia ela virou minha amante pois quando minha esposa viajava ela ficava comigo e comi a Claudia por 3 anos o tempo que morei em Mácapá.

 Terra das mulheres lindas e calhentes. 

segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011


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Tinha recebido um convite de um amigo para ir a um casamento junto com ele. Ele não tinha com quem ir e de última hora, me convidou e insistiu. Por ser um amigo de muitos anos, não tive como dizer não e tratei de providenciar uma vestimenta adequada. Como não sou muito de usar roupas sociais, fiz esse enorme esforço colocando uma camisa social de mangas longas azul celeste, uma calça de linho preta listrada e sapatos bico arredondado, desses que dançarinos de jazz usam.
Chegando lá, ele me explicou que os noivos eram amigos da faculdade e que sempre mantiveram contato mesmo depois da formatura. papo vai, Papo vem, no final da cerimônia, fui apresentado aos noivos, dei-lhes as felicitações e fomos para a recepção que ficava não muito longe dali, num belo salão de festas, que mais parecia uma mansão dessas de filmes americanos, com um vasto jardim ao redor e muitas árvores.
Chegando no salão, sentamo-nos numa mesa reservada e fomos sendo servidos pelos garçons. Como ainda estava me sentindo deslocado, por não conhecer ninguém, resolví observar as pessoas. Foi nesse instante que a percebí: branca, magra, mais ou menos um e sessenta de altura, olhos negros como a noite, curvas cujo vestido não escondia e longos cabelos vermelhos cor de sangue. Aquela mulher me encantou e me deixou hipnotizado, pois trazia no rosto uma melancolia, um ar de mistério e ao mesmo tempo um desejo que exalava dos seus poros. A mulher estava rodeada por mais três caras, mas dava atenção a eles por formalidade. Dava para perceber de longe que o papo dos três não a agradava em nada.
Eu a olhava como se a estivesse analisando: cada detalhe, cada gesto, cada olhar dela era minuciosamente observado por mim. Estava estudando aquela mulher sedutora, tentando trazer para a minha mente que tipo de mulher seria esta. Mas o ar de mistério dela era como que um bloqueio, que me impedia de ir mais além. De repente os nossos olhares se cruzaram e o olhar dela veio fundo dentro de mim, e as barreiras que ela estava impondo se desmancharam. Percebí então que ela estava impondo barreiras para os três caras que estavam na mesa paparicando-a.
Relaxado do choque depois de um gole de whisky, os nossos olhares agora estavam mais íntimos e tanto eu quanto ela estávamos analisando um ao outro. Subitamente, um dos caras falou algo pra ela que a fez suspirar de tédio. Nessa hora ela me lançou um olhar como quem pedisse para que eu a tirasse daquele meio, pois ela já não estava aguentando.
Levantei-me e passei perto da mesa dela, olhei-a por alguns milésimos de segundo e acenei com os olhos, mandando ela me seguir. Caminhei mais ou menos uns seis ou sete passos, e a ouvi dizendo pros três caras que tinha que ir lá fora respirar um pouco. Assim que ela deu a deixa, apressei-me e fui pro lado de fora do salão. Naquela noite, a lua estava cheia e o clima estava quente. O lado de fora do salão era bem mais convidativo do que o de dentro. Assim que ela saiu, fui ao seu encontro e puxei uma conversa:
- Oi! Antes de mais nada, desculpe por não ter te deixado em paz lá dentro. Mas eu tenho uma mania muito feia de observar as pessoas, e não pude deixar de observar você.
- Com uns olhares daqueles, você deveria ser investigador. - disse ela sorrindo.
- Porque você acha isso?
- Porque homem nenhum olha pra mim com tanta profundidade. Você estava olhando tão dentro de mim, que pela primeira vez na vida, alguém me enxergava como eu realmente sou.
- E como você realmente é?
- Pelo jeito que me olhava, vou apostar na sua observação. Me descreva.
Comecei então a descrevê-la, falando que apesar de estar bela e muito linda, mais do que já é, ela carregava alguma dor. Por isso relutava em participar das conversar dos três caras que estavam na mesa com ela. falei também que ela era uma mulher inteligente, pois possuía um vocabulário muito rico pelo pouco que se expressou com os caras. E falei também que quando ela está interessada em uma conversa, ela sorrí instintivamente sem perceber, assim como ela está fazendo agora.
- Nossa! Você é psicólogo? Nunca ví ninguém que pudesse observar tanto as pessoas e acertar quase todas as intuições.
- Não sou psicólogo não, mas lido com as pessoas o tempo todo, todos os dias. Com o tempo a gente vai aprendendo a notar o que as pessoas não falam com palavras.
Nisso, ela me olhou com um brilho nos olhos, um sorriso levemente malicioso e perguntou:
- E o que é que eu não estou falando agora?
Não hesitei e a beijei. Foi um beijo calmo, de reconhecimento. Fui abraçando-a bem devagar e trazendo-a para mais perto de mim. Nossos corpos já começavam a se aceitar naquele abraço. Sentí a boca dela pedir minha língua, deixei que ela saboreasse-a, mas não dei tudo pois por ela ser menor do que eu, a boca dela podia não aguentar a minha língua inteira. Depois de uns beijos trouze a língua dela pra dentro da minha boca. Percebí que ela não estava acostumada a ter a língua chupada, pois sentí que ela era um tanto submissa aos parceiros. Não fiz por menos e mandei que ela enfiasse a língua na minha boca. Assim que ela colocou, meio que tímida, comecei a chupar bem devagar. Ela estava com muito tesão com aquilo, pois dava prasentir o corpo dela esquentando, fervendo.
A arrasto pra um lugar bem mais afastado do salão. Vamos parar num jardim isolado, com uma fonte e várias moitas floridas. Começamos a nos abraçar de novo, agora com mais afinidade e desejo. Coloquei-a sentada na fota, levantei-lhe o vestido e para a minha admiração, ela estava usando uma mínuscula calcinha vermelha semi-transparente. Dava pra ver que ela tinha uma xoxotinha bem lisinha e cheirosa. Não fiz nenhuma cerimônia: comecei a beijar e lamber a parte de dentro das coxas dela e lamber bem safado nas virilhas. Ela retríbuia gemendo baixinho, mordendo os lábios e sorrindo.
Mandei ela puxar a calcinha de lado e segurar. Assim que fez, comecei a dar bjinhos no grelo dela e lambidinhas ao redor dos lábios. Dei uma pincelada com a língua da grutinha até o grelo e ela gemeu um pouco mais alto. Passei mais alguns minutos só pincelando até que ela não resistiu muito tempo e gozou.
Ainda não satisfeito, enfiei dois dedos na grutinha dela, deixei bem melados e enfiei na boca. Comecei a repetir o movimento de meter os dedos, como se estivesse retirando o mel de dentro dela. Ela se contorcia de prazer com aquela sacanagem toda. Não resisti e caí de boca, Comecei a chupar aquela xaninha como se fosse a última xaninha que eu iria chupar na minha vida inteira. Ela começou a gemer alto. Dei-lhe um tapa no rosto e tapei a boca dela com os dedos. Ela começou a mordê-los e chupá-los com força, quase querendo arrancar.
Não resistí e enquanto a chupava, enfiei um dedo no seu cuzinho. Ela urrou. Tapei-lhe a boca e continuei metendo o dedo enquanto a chupava. Não demorou muito e ela gozou intensamente, caindo deitada de lado em posição fetal, na grama do jardim.
Me recompus e comecei a me levantar pra voltar para o salão antes que dessem por falta de nós. Antes mesmo de ajudá-la a se levantar, ela segura na minha perna e pergunta:
- Onde é que você vai?
- Vou voltar pro salão. - Falei.
- Nada disso! Também quero fazer você sentir o que me fez sentir!
Após dizer isso e ainda trêmula, ela me jogou sentado na fonte, abriu minha calça e sacou meu pau pra fora. Assim que olhou pra ele, ficou admirada:
- Hummmmm... Grossinho hein? Você anda usando ele em muitas por aí?
Antes mesmo que eu pudesse responder, ela abocanhou e começou a chupá-lo. Chupava com uma fome, uma vontade enormes. Passeava com a língua nele me olhando nos olhos. Era lindo de se ver uma mulher tão linda, com o rosto ainda maquiado me chupando. Mamava com uma gana incrível. Como se não fizesse aquilo a muito tempo. Chupava com força e punhetava, pedindo porra.
A mamada teve que ser interrompida pois comecei a ouvir um toque de celular. Ela rapidamente enfiou a mãe dentro de uma bolsa que trazia consigo e atendeu a ligação ainda com uma das mãos me masturbando:
- Alô? Oi meu bem! Sim, estou aqui no salão já. Estava muito calor e resolví dar um pulinho aqui fora e aproveitei pra conhecer o ambiente. Já chegou? Que bom! Já já chego aí.
Mal ela desligou o cel, caiu de boca de novo. Agora chupando com mais força. Não demorou muito e eu gozei. Assim que ela sentiu os jatos na boca, engoliu meu pau até a goela, fazendo a porra toda descer garganta abaixo.
Nos recompomos e perguntei se ela tinha namorado, noivo ou se era casada. Ela sorriu e disse que estava ficando com um primo da noiva, mas não era nada sério pois ele era legal, mas ele as vezes não a entendia.
Quando estávamos voltando para o salão, ela me parou e pediu pra entrar primeiro, pois não queria levantar suspeitas. Obedeci. Mas antes dei-lhe outro beijo e perguntei qual era o seu nome;
- Me chame de Tina. Por enquanto é só isso o que você precisa saber.
- Então Tina, antes que você entre, saiba que enfiei um cartão de apresentação dentro da sua bolsa, quando estávamos nos recompondo lá perto da fonte. Quando estiver mais livre e afim de repetir a dose, me ligue a qualquer hora. Espero que isso o que aconteceu entre a gente possa evoluir pra algo mais e mais sério. Gostei de você.
- E eu mais ainda de você! Qual o seu nome?
- Você já sabe. Está dentro da sua bolsa.
Ela entrou e três minutos depois eu retorno para a minha mesa. Meu amigo olhou pra mim e perguntou:
- Se perdeu foi?
- Nada. Estava lá fora tomando um ar. Encontrei uma moça que pensava ser uma conhecida minha, mas não era. Aí pra não perder a viagem, comecei a puxar assunto e percebí que tínhamos muita coisa em comum.
- Sei... No mínimo pegou o número dela.
- Não mas passei o meu pra ela.
Que bom, pois na mesa vizinha a daquela ruiva que está aos beijos com aquele cara alí e mais os três panacas segurando vela, tem duas mulheres gatas e maduras. Tá pra nós.
Olhei para a mesa, mas nem prestei atenção nas mulheres. Meu olhar ficou fixo na ruiva, que não parava de olhar para mim. Levantei o meu copo de whisky e fiz um brinde a uma noite tão alucinante e inesperada, com um clima de que aquilo ia se repetir cada vez mais e mais.

What is Sex?

This may seem obvious. But in evolutionary terms, the benefits of sexual reproduction are not immediately clear. Male rhinoceros beetles grow huge, unwieldy horns half the length of their body that they use to fight for females. Ribbon-tailed birds of paradise produce outlandish plumage to attract a mate. Darwin was bothered by such traits, since his theory of evolution couldn’t completely explain them (“The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me feel sick!” he wrote to a friend). 
Moreover, sex allows an unrelated, possibly inferior partner to insert half a genome into the next generation. So why is sex nearly universal across animals, plants and fungi? Shouldn’t natural selection favor animals that forgo draining displays and genetic roulette and simply clone themselves?
Yes and no. Many animals do clone themselves; certain sea anemones can bud identical twins from the sides of their bodies. Aphids, bees and ants can reproduce asexually. Virgin births sometimes occur among hammerhead sharks, turkeys, boa constrictors and komodo dragons. But nearly all animals engage in sex at some point in their lives. Biologists say that the benefits of sex come from the genetic rearrangements that occur during meiosis, the special cell division that produces eggs and sperm. During meiosis, combinations of the parents’ genes are broken up and reconfigured into novel arrangements in the resulting sperm and egg cells, creating new gene combinations that might be advantageous.
One animal, however, has done just fine without any sex at all. Bdelloid rotifers can be found in most freshwater ponds, measure a few tenths of a millimeter long, contain only about 1,000 cells, and have been chaste for roughly 80 million years. The nearly 400 described species of bdelloids prove that the group is respectably diverse, yet no one has ever seen a male. Bdelloids lay unfertilized eggs that grow to be fully fertile daughters. What’s the secret?
Harvard University biology professor Matthew Meselson and his lab have spent the past several years investigating bdelloids’ molecular genetics. By exposing bdelloids to extremely high levels of ionizing radiation (a treatment that causes hundreds of physical breaks in DNA strands), one of Meselson’s former graduate students, Eugene Gladyshev, showed that bdelloids can completely rebuild their genomes—an unprecedented feat among animals.
Recently, Meselson and Gladyshev made an even more amazing discovery: Bdelloids have foreign DNA from bacteria and fungi in their chromosomes, which is a great way to maintain genetic diversity. As for the rest of us, we’re stuck with sex.

Night of terror

"Come on, people, stand away from the door please," the tour guide yelled to the happy, milling people. His eye invariably fell to the cleavage of the nearby blonde in the scant bathing suit. It was a unique costume for gliding, very original and attractive. It had most of the males in the cable car groaning in agony and lust.
The harsh overhead lights dimmed momentarily, breaking the tour guide's amazed stare. He tore his eyes away from the blonde's ample cleavage and looked out the window at the approaching platform. He hoped that nobody noticed the bulge of his cock, hard and thrusting against the material of his pants.
"How do we know the gliders are safe?" the blonde asked, intentionally returning his attention to her. The tour guide swallowed twice before he could answer. As his eyes went to the blonde, he used a steal will to keep his eyes from going to her chest. Her companion, an equally blonde and flawless male, smiled at the tour guide's dilemma. He liked seeing the reactions to Anne's amazing figure. It made her seem more... attractive, more desirable.
"Wa... we test them before we leave. Each one has been tested. You will see that I will pick a glider at random, I use no special machine. I would not jump off a 3 thousand foot cliff without a tested glider."
"Wonderful. Are there any rules against having sex on the way down," she asked in her innocent, little- girl voice.
"Oh God," the tour guide groaned, turning away so he could push his cock down into his pants without being observed. The car bumped into the platform, coming to a sudden stop. The tour guide fell through the doors as they opened. He waited for the crowd to exit before he grabbed one end of a foam box. His assistant grabbed the other end and they carried the heavy box out onto the landing. The group watched curiously as the tour guide repositioned the box and threw open the lid. Inside were a jumble of archaic looking torches and a jumble of web-belts, each containing a 6"x12" pack on the rear.
He handed the first torch and belt to the blonde, before she had the opportunity to bend and retrieve one herself. Her thin blouse strained to contain her breasts, bending could bring forth and explosion of female flesh. The tour guide couldn't stand such a sight He was already horny as hell and there was no prospect of having his hard cock taken care of in the middle of the night, on top of a mountain.
"Oh look," a cute black-haired woman said, pointing down the slope toward Aspen far below. "Why are the lights shimmering?"
"The air currents," the tour guide said, handing her a torch and belt. Her hand sagged under the weight of the belt.
"How can something so heavy, be lighter than air?" she asked, looking at her companion.
"It's the electronics," her companion said in disdain. He was obviously a CEO type, slightly balding and looking for a thrill. Gliding was the next step up from bungie jumping.
"Technically, it's not lighter than air," the tour guide said, thrusting belts and torches into the hands around him. "It's slightly heavier. That's why it's called a glider. You still fall, but at a dramatically slower rate."
"I feel like the statue of liberty," a young gay man said, posing dramatically with a torch in his hand.
"On guard," his companion said, striking a fencing pose. They pretended to fence, clanging their torches together, to the complete horror of the tour guide. He hurried forward and slapped down their torches.
"Please, those are very special devices and they cost a fortune. Treat them with respect."
"I'm an olympic athlete," the second gay man said, holding his torch aloft and pretending to run in place. The tour guide whined in frustration. Sometimes he wished he could bitch-slap a few of the assholes in these groups. On the other hand, he thought as he watched the black haired woman reach down to adjust her socks. The bulge of her perfect ass, and rounded pubes in her black form-fitting tights was bordering on illegal. He could think of many things he would like to slap on her, but not with his hand.
"Why do we have these?" A portly man in a black windbreaker asked, bouncing the torch in his hand.
"We are called Liberty Gliding Tours, so it's made to look like a replica of the statue of liberty torch," the tour guide explained. "But it is much, much more than a simple light source. True, it's made to provide the most pleasant light, very conducive to night gliding, but it is also a recording device, to record your Aspen vacation, and a GPS tracking device in case any of you try to escape with our valuable equipment or, God forbid, in case one of you goes down. There is also a tracking device in the belt."
"I'm going down," the buxom blonde said, pretending to whisper. She elicited several giggles from the men around her.
"Now, everyone turn on your gliders and step forward, two at a time," he said, clapping his hands. There was actually a steep slope below them, not a cliff. If the belt failed, they may be cut and bruised, but not killed.
"Nobody leaps until I say so," he said in a serious voice.
"How do we control them?" the black haired girl asked nervously. She stepped so close that her hair brushed his nose. It smelled like watermelons. He had a perfect view of her rounded breasts, as she bent forward to play with the pack resting against her cute ass. The guide had to resist the urge to touch them. She looked up into his startled face.
"I was just getting to that. Do all of you see that little disk on your belt, the one on your left side in a pouch?"
"This one?" the black haired girl asked, lifting a half dollar sized disk on a wire.
"That's it. The controls are as simple as they can get. Hold that disk in the palm of your right hand. Hold it over your shoulder a little... yes, perfect," he said, looking around the group with their hands held in the air.
"First squeeze the disk to set it to the position most comfortable for you, then move your hand, and the disk inside, left or right, to go left or right, up or down to go up or down. It's that simple. With practice you can do tricks such as rolls, somersaults, or spins."
"Waycool," the blonde said, doing a little dance with the torch and disk held in the air.
"You two first," he indicated the blonde and her partner. He was getting tired of her teasing, and her partner's smug smiles. Step up to the platform," he said, turning them slightly to make sure each had a red light showing on their packs.
"Ok, raise your disk hands, squeeze, and step off."
"Oh God," the blonde said and stepped off. Her long, nearly naked body glistened in the torch light as it gently glided off the platform, dropping slightly at first, then gently gliding down the hill. Their movements were jerky, at first, until they grew used to the controls. They heard a piercing streak, then laughter. Looking down the hill the tour guide saw the torch rolling over and over as the two blondes did somersaults in the air.
"That's so dangerous," the tour guide said under his breath.
"Doing somersaults is dangerous?" the black haired girl asked, stepping up to the edge of the platform.
"No, doing them so close to the ground is dangerous. If you people get the urge for aerobatics, do them with more altitude. You have hours to descend, if you like, you don't have to skim the slopes like they are."
The black haired girl and her partner stepped off. Next were two boys in their late teens. They gave each other an evil smile as they turned off their torches and leaped into the darkness. The tour guide new they planned on terrorizing the other gliders. Good, it would add to the excitement.
"Next," he waved the gay men forward.
"Have you ever glided alone and naked," the first gay man asked the tour guide in an intimate manner.
"Naked, yes, alone, certainly not," he said, giving them a little push. They laughed and jeered as they disappeared into the darkness. Their torches cast a glow over the slope as they descended. Each torch made a pleasant island of light, in a vast sea of darkness.
"My God, that's so beautiful," a red haired woman said. She was last, and alone. It was funny, he couldn't remember her arriving with the rest. Of course he had not been giving his group his full attention.
The tour guide had his own belt for this very reason, in case there was an extra unpaired tourist. Everyone on the tour was required to fly in pairs.
"I know, it's magnificent. I love this job," the tour guide said gently.
"It's very romantic," the girl said.
"It is," the tour guide agreed while strapping on his belt and checking the red light on the pack, before he spun the belt around into the proper position. He checked hers, then looked at her expectantly.
"Why don't they simply double over and hang by their belts," she asked nervously.
"A power field, similar to an invisible board, will spring up at your back the minute you step off. It adheres to your body while the belt is activated, until your body makes contact with the ground. You're nervous, aren't you?" he asked shyly. She nodded with a quick smile.
"Your belt is on. Simply raise your hand and step off... when you are ready. Look, there goes my assistant in the cable car, now you have to jump, there's no other way down."
"Now or never," she said, leaping into the darkness. The tour guide stepped off with his hand raised. He dropped it slightly, speeding up to join his partner as she rushed down the hill.
"What if I lower my hand too much and plow into the ground?" she asked as the wind whipped her hair into her face.
"It can't, there is a fail safe mechanism built into the belt. You could descend entirely under the control of the belt. It won't allow you to touch the ground until you reach the beacon at base camp. Slow down," he yelled into the rushing air.
"Lift your hand," he said patiently. She did and slowed almost immediately. With a sigh of relief the tour guide slowed as well. The wind had been cold. Now that they traveled slowly, the warm night air warmed him again quickly. He turned his torch down and shined it on the passing ground. Trees and bushes drifted by in dim light of the torch. It reminded him of how the bottom of a shallow lake looked, while drifting by in a boat.

I need a job

Tessa couldn't believe how big her boss's cock was. She could hardly fit both hands together around it, and it was a whole foot long! Before Tessa could dwell on the size of it, he was already forcing it into her mouth.
   Tessa was kneeling on the floor of her boss's office getting a raise. He told her if she wanted one (he knew she needed it) that she would have to agree to all his requests and demands. At first, Tessa willingly agreed because she thought he meant doing regular work. Now, after she saw the size of his dick she started to regret it. What happens when he goes for my pussy, she wondered, i know it wont fit because i've never had anything even close to that big in my vagina before.
   Any futher thoughts were interupted because her boss had pulled her head back by her hair, opening her throat. He then started to thrust in and out of Tessa's mouth. With each push he drove deeper and deeper into her throat. Every time he did, Tessa gagged because his cock was pushing on the back of her throat. He then shoved in very far and held it there. Tessa was gagging the whole time because his penis was choking her and she couldnt breath. Just when she thought she was going to pass out he pulled his whole cock out of her mouth which left her gasping for air.
   "You want some more?" he asked her. Tessa just shook her head no because she was still out of breath. "Then no raise for you" her boss said. She raised her head in distress because she needed that raise. It was a big mistake. When she rose her head, her boss took advantage of it and shoved his cock back down her throat further than before. This time he didnt hold back at all. He shoved his whole foot long dick into her mouth so that his balls were slapping her chin. Tessa was gagging so bad it could almost be heard outside the sound proof room as he brutally and repeatedly fucked her throat.
   After what seemed an eternity to Tessa, she started to feel the first drips of cum dribble down the back of her throat. Then without warning her boss exploded into her throat. Tessa had given blow jobs and swallowed before but this was nothing like it. All the other times she had to milk the cum from their dicks but this was different.
   This time the cum shot out with such force she was forced to swallow all of it as it blasted out. Pretty soon there was enough sperm that it filled up her mouth. As her boss was still blasting down her throat, there was too much so it backed up and started overflowing. The hot sticky cum dribbled down her chin and ran onto her chest, and yet it was still coming out.
   Finally it started to slow down so her boss pulled his penis out and shot the rest of the sperm into her mouth. Alot had already run down to her boobs so her boss told her, "If you want that raise you'll swallow all of whats left in your mouth."  Tessa had already swallowed so much she had a stomach ache. Then she thought of her raise and knew she had to try. She closed her mouth and swished the thick gooey cum around. Doing so almost made her spit it out, but her boss reached out and held her mouth closed.
   "Come on Tessa. You can do it," he encouraged softly, "Blow a couple sperm bubbles for me then you can swallow it." Tessa swished it around and gagged again but held it in. She tried blowing a sperm bubble but it was so thick and gooey the bubble didnt pop. It just kept growing until her boss popped it for her. "That was a great bubble," he said, "Now swallow," he commanded. After much coughing and gagging Tessa finally swallowed the last drop. She opened her mouth and prooved that she swallowed it all.
   "You did excellent," he congratulated her.
   "Does that mean i got the raise," she asked weakly.
   "No. I'm not done with you yet," he smiled, "On the couch. On your knees" he demanded. Tessa got up and walked past her boss to the couch in his office making sure to rub her ass against his cock as she walked by. "Feeling horny are we?" he asked, "Well i can fix that," he laughed.
   Then without warning he shoved his penis all the way into her pussy. Tessa screamed out loud in suprise and pain as his monster cock punished her tight pink pussy. Faster and faster he fucked her until she was screaming and moaning almost constantly. He then pulled out to give her a breather but he went right away to rubbing and licking her clit. Tessa just lay there moaning from the pain in her vagina as well as the pleasure she was experiencing from her sensitive clit.
   While tessa was regaining her breath her boss hit a button on his phone and two other guys with cocks just as big as his entered the office. Before she realized there were two more guys in the room, and all three cocks were rammed into her body so she could hardly move from the shock.
   The dick in her mouth wasn't quite as long as her boss's but it was thicker. This guy was doing short quick thrusts so far down her throat she was getting slapped in the face by balls again.
   The dick in her pussy was the other guy she didnt know. In relief to tessa this cock wasn't as big or as long as her boss's. Despite that though he knew what he was doing and Tessa started to orgasm almost as soon as he penetrated.
   Her ass hole was reserved for the biggest cock in the room. Her boss's penis hardly managed to fit in her ass. He stretched it farther than Tessa thought possible. Because it was so large, all Tessa could feel was a strange pleasure covered up by blinding pain.
   Tessa would have cried out in pleasure, pain, discomfort, and suprise but one; she was still in shock from the brutal group fuck, and her mouth was occupied. They kept this up for a few minutes and Tessa hardly struggled because she was so weakened by the pleasure and pain of it all.
   After they had gone for a couple minutes Tessa's boss gave the signal. Some how they all exploded into her body right on command. Tessa had never heard of anyone able to do that but here were three of them all blasting into her holes at the same time. All of her holes had started overflowing from the unrelentless streams of cum and the sperm started to drip out of her and all over the couch. Her boss shot his cum the furthest into her. It went deep into her ass, sperm would dribble out for several weeks.
   The man in her pussy pulled out first even though all three were still blasting the thick goo all over her. As soon as he pulled out he put tape going across her whole pussy. The tape prevented any of the cum from escaping.
   Next her boss pulled out and repeated the same process but with her ass hole. Last to pull out was the man in her mouth. As he pulled out he was still shooting full force and moments later Tessa's whole face was covered in thick globs of the milkey white cum. None of them stoped blasting their sperm until her entire body was covered. From head to toes she was covered in cum ranging from complete liquid all to way to almost a solid. There was so much of it, if someone walked in they wouldn't recognize her.
   "Wow," her boss said, "That is the best fucking i have ever had. You earned your raise, and if you lick this all off and eat it all I'll give you the biggest bonus i have ever given out." Tessa didnt say anything but instead promptly started licking off the thick clumps that hung to her arms. The first few that she had to chew, she almost threw up but then she gained confidence and only gagged on the especially chewy globs. With a little help from her boss's cock, she was able to wipe off and swallow all the cum.
   "Alright you just earned yourself a huge raise and the biggest bonus I've ever handed out," her boss told her, "Keep that tape there until you leave tonight. Then when you leave stop by here and I'll take it off for you. Okay?"
   "I will" Tessa replied. With that, she slipped back into her skirt and blouse, gathered up her papers and started to leave.
   "Whenever you want another bonus just come talk to me."
   "I'll be back soon" Tessa promised with a seductive smile. Then she promptly left the office and went back to her desk to finish her work.


I thought he would earn passing grade if I ever got wide open for hard stuffing.

I figured out he was getting an impressive sight of a brown big ass, eager to get fucked, bent over as I was now. Those vagina lips were so big they hung down, like purple. I begged him to put his dick in there, had to guide myself his cock head at the entrance instead, so this inexperienced, innocent young guy only would thrust inside me.

Oh, how good it felt, until he cum into me! His hot cum made me feel a smarting sensation, a sting inside my ass. Finally, we laid down there, exhausted, and slept for a few minutes, completely fulfilled. I sucked his big cock to its full strength afterwards and rode it hard to orgasm.


Hi, I’d like to introduce myself first thing: I’m a high school teacher, teaching subject Antique Arts -Ancient Culture- currently. This story I’m about to begin happened when I was 36 yo. My features –skin texture and facial appearance- are not too fine or extraordinary; on the contrary, I’m a little bit fat, beautiful figure, wide hips and a big round bubble ass. My breasts are too showy, gaudy, nevertheless, so meaty, to the point they excite, stimulate and awake passion in guys -I’ve verified that myself.

I’m a widow, my husband died in a car accident while on a business trip after being married for three years. As a teenager I almost hated sex, and my sex background had been too poor. As I grew up and had the legal age, my experience was still traumatic, disturbing, so I kept rejecting anything related to sex.
I finally got married, and my new husband became aware of this problem, an understanding person who tried to cooperate, and assist, by showing respect -never forced me to have sex. We had decided to experiment the whole thing after honey moon, a cooperative guy who slowly and carefully made sex to me nice and easy, step by step, his firm cock down my tight pussy hole so I discovered how great and rewarding sex was in a rather conservative ways instead.
We only also practiced straight sex, on weekends, but used to fake orgasms, so my husband would think I was enjoying and keep him happy. My co-workers thought I was a happily married woman: sympathetic, filled with joy. After my husband’s death I became a sad woman -mourned him- so no sex at all, which contributed to my condition now. I frequently had to masturbate but lack of proper gratification led me to find a macho man, after a strong necessity to satisfy my desires: this was out of the question, I was a mature woman wishing blowjobs and had a real cocksucking experience for the first time ever.

My appearance always drew men’s attention; they stared at me, even if I didn't showed off. They still admire me, no matter if I dressed up with modesty, or concealed. But I behaved differently when purchasing underwear: sexy panties, black lingerie, and provocative bras. I used to get naked watching my figure reflected in the mirror, while stroking my vagina and breasts. This was the limit, nothing more could be done about that.
There were boys and girls in my classes and noticed a 19 yo student agitated as he watched me, full of lust. Even girls would watch me lustful, but I didn’t care. Finally, this boy named Marcos, who applied a lot, came to me for a consultation on a certain problem he had on a topic in my subject. I was short of time on that day to listen to him, so asked him to come to my place, near the institute. It was not an easy task to come to this decisión, for it's suppossed teachers can't date student. He said 6:00 o’clock would be fine, in the evening, I replay, it’s a deal.
I spent the whole day considering, thinking about this issue: he was a handsome, a young guy while I wished to investigate why he stared at me as I walked past his classroom along the hall. Probably I liked him? Should I try and enjoy pussy-licking here? I hurriedly put on my best dress to motivate him, silk socks almost transparent and wearing a tight dress. I felt a strange sensation in my panties, only thinking what would happen, and could guess it was a wet spot in them.

The 20 yo. student arrived on time and I opened the door for him, always radiant, smiling. This guy stopped to contemplate me, only by seeing how I dressed, so attractive. I showed him inside, and got to the point to clear up his doubts about a theme hi had failed to understand during one of my instructions.
He was just an uncertain, hesitant student, not understanding some facts, so I got closer to him to clear these for more confort… until I laid a hand on his. Looking him in the eye, I said:
“Marcos, it won’t be strictly necessary to bear in mind a great knowledge on Classic Arts if you hope earn passing grade. Why don’t you choose the easy way instead?”
I gave it a second thought, took a break, laying a hand on his lap. This got him too nervous and he said: “Well, yes, I’m willing to do anything necessary to earn my grades.”
I got my lips close to his, kissing softly. We sat in the couch, my skirt was up by now, and showing my legs, until finally moved his hand above my top. We desperately kissed, stroking our bodies, too hot, the boy was horny indeed. I began to notice his bulge which rose above his pants and a penis brushing my panty while hugging, standing there. After I swiveled my pelvis like a cement mixer, he stroked my buttocks and hand run all over my body, along my tits, feeling them through the bra which held my baloons. This student had squeezed my black bra and it was about to pop open due to pressure. Marcos felt this, and continued his stroking shyly, undecided though, so I gave him a hand at this to transmit confidence: Our twirling tongues had met again. I was now a hard cock hungry bubble butt bitch, I thought.
I have to say my tits are big but never hang down by weigh, only sway, it’s reddish areola occupy a big area of my tits… nipples half centimeter when calm, composed -not aroused- big enough and attractive to men. I thought this guy‘s eyes would pop up any moment shocked by the spectacular sight.
My vagina was hairy at the moment; I hadn’t shaved it or trimmed since a month ago. I always looked at myself in the mirror, ducked, bent down and see how my pussy winked to me. Pubic hair was a mesh, a mesh of hair and my big bubble ass was white, an apple butt longing to get fucked soon. My lingerie and panty were so small that it couldn’t cover the pussy wholly, so hair could be seen around the crotch.
“Hold on here, buddy, hold the horses. It’s better in my bedroom, more comfortable there than in this sofa.”
I began to strip him off both his pants and shirt, kissing his body warmly, stroking it. I tumbled down on bed, raising my legs slowly, he spread them wide to see a vagina with a pussy slit… by the expression on his face, he surely had spotted the landing strip. His eyes looked weird by passion, his lips driveled staring at my vagina calculatingly, I was ready now for hard stuffing.
Perhaps he had stared, considering my labia which were then swelled, wet, pink. He also got the pussy scent which filled the room, and guessed it came from this cunt, so he got close to smell it. By this time my juices were already leaking my inner things, in my opening and start licking slowly.
“Oh, you’re gonna kill me, oh, yes, eat my pussy, yes, like that!” I said.
I closed my eyes and squeezed Marcos’ head pulling it towards me. I put my legs on his shoulders squeezing his head so he wouldn’t quit or get away and give me more pleasure. I could see my clit myself, on plain view, prominent, turned on, ready for battle. This 19yo subject looked in astonishment how my clit enlarged, so curiosity made him to touch it with the tip of his tongue, sucking it.
“Oh, suck, suck, yes, damn, you suck my clit like that, yesss!” -I moaned.
I was shaken by a tremendous orgasm and started screaming madly. This scared him, but sucked relentlessly, licking my slit deviously eating pussy. He ate it with relish. Out of the sudden, my enthusiast lover stood up, then got on his knees, turned me around on the bed so I got with my ass in the air. I asked him to stroke it, to do as he pleased.
I figured out he was getting an impressive sight of a brown big ass, eager to get fucked, bent over as I was now. Those vagina lips were so big they hung down, like purple. I begged him to put his dick in there, but had to guide myself his cock head at the entrance, so this inexperienced young guy only had to thrust inside. This young guy's big meaty cock within me now!
We were like this for 10 minutes or more, while he rammed my ass in a continuous stroke in and out. Oh, how rewarding, fucking my ass! Finally, he cum in my asshole, his hot cum made me feel smarting sensation, a sting inside my ass... until we laid there, exhausted, and slept a few minutes, completely fulfilled.
I got up to go to the bath room and instructed him to cum every Tuesdays at this time. He said: “No, I won’t miss a single day.”
Well I hope he’ll keep coming, for he’s still my favorite student! A slutty mature who enjoys pussy-licking, together with blowjobs and cockriding, LOL!!


It wasn't just another day for Alicia. It was a special day. She had gotten her chance to go to a live wrestling show. She even had the chance to go and meet some of the wrestlers themselves. The person she was most looking forward to seeing for the first time, John Cena. Oh was he a man.

He stood at six foot three, although most believed six foot one. He had the body of a Greek God. From all the working out he did. His hands and feet were large. Alicia knew that something else had to be too. His dimples and blue eyes were part of what made him so attractive. He was gorgeous. Beyond words. Every time she looked at him her heart skipped a beat thinking about everything the two of them could do with each other.

Alicia felt herself grow moist. She couldn't get excited. Not just yet. She seen him not too far from her. He was stunning from that distance. Alicia smiled to herself as she watched a fan of his walk away. She quickly made her own way toward him. Her hand quickly sticking out for him to shake which he did with a slight twitch of his brow.

"My name is Alicia. I am your biggest fan. You are amazing." Alicia blurted out wanting to slap herself. She should have just been silent. John smirked as he looked her over. He couldn't help but admire her jet black hair that flowed past her shoulder blades. His eyes wandering over her plump lips and honey colored eyes. Then there was Alicia's beautiful Latina body. She had the curves that could knock a guy out. Her supple perky 36C breasts caught his attention. Boy did he want to see what was behind her.

"Well I'm glad to hear that Alicia. It's always nice to meet a fan of mine." John smiled at her making Alicia's heart melt. She couldn't help herself with what she did next. Something she had always said she would do when she met him yet she never meant it. She reached up pulling him down to her so their lips crashed together. John was stunned by this as his eyes widened. Yet, the kiss was just too good to pass up. Besides he never let a beautiful girl slip by without at least one night of fun.

John pulled away, "Do you live around here?" Alicia bit her lip as she nodded. John smiled lazily, "Alright. Why don't we go there. We gotta get to know each other a little more."

Alicia took his hand and pulled him with her. He followed very eagerly taking in the place he most wanted to see. He was an ass man hers was glorious. It only took twenty minutes or less to get to her home. Once inside the two locked lips in an instant. Alicia's heart raced as she felt his hands travel down her waist straight to her hips then around back. He squeezed and she moaned while his lips left hers going straight to her neck. There was no way she could get to her room with him. She wanted him too much to get any further than the living room.

John pulled away from her long enough so they both removed their shirts. She took in his sculpted abs and chest. He took in her breast he couldn't wait to release from her red lace bra. Alicia reached out undoing his belt then the button to his denim shorts. He watched her as the bulge in his pants grew. Her bronze skin stood out from his lightly tanned body. He got lost watching her beautiful body he hadn't realised that he was no completely naked until he felt her warm mouth around his shaft.

Alicia slid her mouth up and down his cock. He was huge compared to the men she had seen. He was at least ten inches or more in length. He was even thicker than most and she couldn't help herself. She had to taste him. Her hand pumping at the base of his cock while her other hand played with the family jewels. John's head was thrown back in pleasure. His hand slid into her dark mane clutching at it. She moaned around him as her head bobbed faster. He cried out softly as his hips bucked forward and his cock pulsed with pleasure. He was nearly there. He clenched his jaw as she moaned again around him. Her speed increased and that was all he could take. His body spasmed as he let out his load. She eagerly swallowed taking him all in still keeping up her speed with her mouth and her hand work that sent him over the edge.

She let him go very slowly as he came down from his high. He looked down at her noticing her nipples fully erect. He wanted her more now than ever. He dropped down to his knees reaching behind her removing the lace bra letting her beautiful breast spill out. Alicia bit her lip in anticipation. His mouth lowered while a hands cupped her breasts. He kissed them each. Boy was he in heaven. The tip of his tongue traced it's way straight to her nipple. He sucked on her nipple before grazing it with his teeth. She moaned with pleasure as his hand pinched her other nipple. John managed to get her to lay back. He needed access to her sweet spot but her jeans were still on.

He quickly pulled her jeans off revealing her matching red laced thong. He pulled them off just as easily. Alicia watched him as he stared down at her while he was on his knees. He was hard again and she was ready for him. She opened her legs as his hands slid up her calves to her inner thighs. "Just take me now. Please. I can't wait any longer." Alicia whimpered.

John did just as she asked. He slid his cock right into her making himself shiver and her gasp. A tight fit but all too perfect. He slowly pumped in and out of her to let her get use to his size. She knew he was definitely bigger than the rest. "Faster." Alicia whispered as her body quivered in delight.

He did again just as she asked. His cock was throbbing with the pleasure he had. Her own pussy was burning with excitement. She had never felt such pleasure as his cock worked her like no other had. Alicia pushed John over so she could mount him. She loved being on top. He smiled at her as she began to bounce on him. His hands going straight to her ass which they squeezed. She let out a moan, "Oh yes! Yes!"

She went faster feeling herself on the brink of cumming. He wasn't there just yet. John's right hand squeezed her ass as his left went straight to her breast. He played with them squeezing her nipples and rubbing his thumb over them. "Oh fuck yeah." Alicia panted as she rode him like she had always dreamed of doing. Then she was there. She was ready to cum. "I'm-" John knew and quickly flipped them over. He wanted to be the one to make it happen. He held her hips as he pounded into her. Alicia screamed out when she climaxed. Her pussy walls squeezing around his cock that still pounded into her. John came and it was an orgasm like no other as his load filled her to the point it dribbled out while he stayed inside her trying to catch her breath as she did.

John pulled out from her. His lips tracing kisses down to her breast. He stopped their sucking on her nipple. Alicia panting as his lips left her needy nipples. Her hands quickly playing with them while he traveled straight down to her shaven pussy. He could smell her and him mixed together. It turned him on again. He let his finger tips run across her pussy lips sending shivers up her spine. His finger sliding just between her lips but not entering her. She pushed up trying to make it happen but he didn't let it. He parted her so that her clit was revealed glistening from her and his cum. His tongue went flat sliding right across making her breath catch in her throat. He began to suck on her now engorged clit sending pleasure waves through her.

"You are so good. Ohhh. Mmm." She moaned as her hands squeezed her breast happily. His finger finally filling her. It began to pump in and out her as his tongue swirled around her clit. She began to buck her hips as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. He was a good pussy eater. There was no denying that. He sucked on her clit now as if it were a straw. His finger pumping furiously inside her finding her G spot in seconds. That was all she could take. She spasmed over his hands as she let out another scream. No man had ever brought her to a screaming orgasm like this before and twice. John worked her down from her high until she had to push him away from how sensitive her own pussy was now.

John was able to pick her up and she directed him to her room. They headed their spending the night with each other. John may have had to leave the next morning but Alicia's dream and fantasy had come true.

Messy Wish

It was our three-year anniversary and I wanted it to be special for him. We weren't married, but we've lived like we were. We had met through a mutual friend who was tired of listening to the two of us complain about not meeting anyone that was spicy enough for us. Finally he put two and two together and paired Greg and I up on a blind date. I don't know how many times I almost didn't show up, Greg says the same thing. But curiosity and need got the better of us each time and needless to say, both of us made it to the date.
Ever since then we've been pretty much inseparable and always trying new things. I was extremely relived that he didn't mind me being bisexual and often entertained other women to suit my fancy. There was one thing we hadn't tried that he had really expressed some interest in. Anytime it would come up, there either wasn't enough time or enough messy food to do it.
This time would be different. I got off of work early and hit the store on my way home. I made sure to get a variety of foods since I wanted him to be completely happy. I picked up chocolate syrup, whipped cream, marshmallow fluff, honey, jello, ice cream, pudding and of course a cake made especially for us. By the time I got home I was already wet just thinking about how the night was gonna pan out and just how much fun we were gonna have. I had about an hour and a half until Greg got home and I wanted everything ready to go for him the moment his foot was in the door.
I quickly prepared the instant jello and the pudding and set everything else into the refrigerator. I grabbed the huge tarp out of the garage and rearranged the furniture in the living room, giving me room to spread the tarp completely out. I covered the tarp with a blanket, and then thought better of it. Not only would we more than likely ruin the blanket, but also on the tarp we'd be able to slip and slide against the slick material. I stuck with the bare tarp option. I still can't believe how excited I was about getting everything ready when I look back at it. I don't know if it was because I felt like I was being sneaky, or if it was because I knew he was gonna love this or a little of both. All I know is that I was busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.
After going through the sweet confections and putting those that would pose a problem getting out, into separate containers, I set up the different foods along the edge of the tarp. It looked like some really twisted buffet for someone suffering from one massive sweet tooth! I giggled to myself and wished like hell our digital camera battery was charged up.
Once I was satisfied with the lay out, I undressed, fluffed up my hair, lit some candles and dimmed the lights. As I headed to sit in the center of the tarp I looked up at the clock. I couldn't have shaved that any closer and gotten everything done in time. Greg was due home any minute.
My excitement was pretty evident as he walked through the door because very erect nipples topped my pert breasts. He smiled and dropped his briefcase as I giggled and patted the spot on the tarp next to me. Greg wasted absolutely NO time in getting undressed and joining me amid the sweet messy foods.
I wrapped my arms around him and pulled our naked bodies close together, pressing my hard nipples into his chest and locking him a deep kiss. My entire body tingled throughout with the heat of excitement.
"Happy Anniversary baby." I said to him as I broke off the kiss. He just sat there, trading looks between me and the food surrounding us, as if he wasn't able to make a decision as to what to do first. I settled this for him and reached back, grabbing a handful of vanilla pudding and smearing it onto his chest. He immediately shuddered as goose bumps rose all over his body.
"Oh so that's what is going to be like then huh?" He said as he flipped the huge bowl I had scooped out an entire gallon of mint chocolate ice cream into, on me. I screamed as the cold ice cream scoops tumbled down my body, leaving green and brown tracks of where it had bounced and rolled.
From then on it was one big food fight. Our bodies covered completely in sugary slick foods. At times, in the haste of trying to nail the other one with the next batch of food, we'd loose our balance on the slippery tarp, which of course was also covered in the mess.
The smells of the food, our sweat and desire filled the room and our noses driving us into a deeper lust. We grabbed and wrestled each other, only to slip and slide against each other, the conglomeration of food squishing and sploshing around us and against us. The mixtures made for an interesting mouthful.
He was rock hard by now and our playful wrestling had turned into heated passion. He easily slipped his sweetly covered cock deep into my tight cunny and began to thrust hard against me, the food coating our bodies making lewd noises and making us hold on tighter to each other than was ever needed before!
Due to all the play before hand it didn't take either of us long to explode. He came first; his pulsating cock spurting deep within me causing my climax to come on full bore. Our orgasm induced shuttering broke our connection and he slipped off of my body.
We regained our breath after a bit, considered cleaning up.... But decided to do it all over again! The only thing that came close to wrestling with him on the tarp, was the way he cleaned me off with his tongue that night.

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Tenho a triste missão de vos dizer que este endereço foi comprado por um site para o qual trabalho, tal como vos tinha dito.
Este é o meu último post no Tolerada.
Foi uma caminhada muito importante para mim, partilhei convosco momentos, e agradeço-vos do fundo do coração todo o apoio que sempre me deram, e o carinho que por mim demonstraram.

A vida segue, e o Tolerada também, mas sem mim, e sem qualquer responsabilidade minha.

Entretanto, se quiserem manter o contacto com coisas minhas, vou dedicá-lo a uma das minhas paixões, a fotografia.

Beijo enorme, e obrigada por tudo!

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Nem sempre as coisas são como as pintamos, e nem sempre o mundo segue os nossos instintos. É pena que assim seja, porque tudo se torna mais dificil.

Este é e será sempre o meu espaço, o meu canto, onde tudo acontece.


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Nos próximos dias

Nos próximos dias, vou apresentar aqui uma novidade para todos.

Estejam atentos  :)



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domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

E se?

E se emigrarmos todos e deixarmos o Socrates a falar sozinho?

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Super Sexo

O que é o super sexo? É o acto que realiza as duas pessoas. Isso é super. O resto é floreado.

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Estou como o país...de tanga! Presente para vocês!

A pedido de várias familias, cá vai um bocadinho de mim! Digam lá se não sou vossa amiga?

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Vou, Sou, Estou!


Vergonha é uma condição psicológica e uma forma de controle religioso, político, judicial e social, consistindo de idéias, estados emocionais, estados fisiológicos e um conjunto de comportamentos, induzidos pelo conhecimento ou consciência de desonra, desgraça ou condenação


O que diria o teu Pai se soubesse que és acompanhante de luxo?